American chooses Inter-Vision instead US or Dutch clinics

Door Richard M Wagers op 21 maart 2007
Five weeks ago I underwent laser eye surgery guided by Johan Bergen of InterVision Ooglasercorrecties. As an American I could have had the procedure performed in the US or here in the Netherlands where I live. But after researching the techniques (I choose intra-lase), various lasers, and board certified surgeons, and comparing prices (my least important selection criteria) I confidently chose an experienced eye hospital in Turkey. Basically I decided like this: since the laser is exactly the same in the USA, Turkey, and the Netherlands, what I want is surgical experience, excellent pre- and post-op care, and a fair price. This eliminated the Netherlands! I decided on Turkey because I had never seen it and a trip there meant fewer days away from work and home.

There are plenty of companies to choose among, but I am very satisfied with Inter-Vision. Johan is an experienced optometrist, a sympathetic and humorous surgical assistant, and an excellent guide to the city"s restaurants. In fact the only criticism I might have about the entire experience (and this is minor!) is there was no gym in the hotel.

Five weeks on and I see better than I did with contacts or glasses. And I"m happy I had the surgery done in Istanbul. If you"re considering the surgery I can confidently recommend you call Johan Bergen.

Amersfoort, The Netherlands